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  • I like this event

    32 76.19%
  • I didn't like this event

    9 21.43%
  • I started but I didn't complete (i.e. 0 turn in)

    6 14.29%
  • Easter Hunt Topiary

    10 23.81%
  • Easter Chick Fountain

    23 54.76%
  • Stuffed Easter Bunny

    13 30.95%
  • Bunny Bush

    14 33.33%
  • Hidden Easter Basket

    15 35.71%
  • Egg Bush

    18 42.86%
  • Easter Egg Planter

    20 47.62%
  • Easter Egg Statue

    16 38.10%
  • Easter Bunny

    18 42.86%
  • I didn't like the prizes

    2 4.76%
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Thread: Easter Baskets Assemble - 2019 Apr 17 (POLL ADDED)

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    My Easter egg tree (that I won for turning in 23 baskets) is not in my cellar. I’ve rebooted many times. What can I do?

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    I?ve probably messed up your poll but I have voted like and dislike for this event. My reason is I really did enjoy the event. It was fun and the turn ins were achievable. However, though I turned in over 30 baskets I still could not get 2 of the 9 prizes. They were of course the ones I most wanted. I know it?s not the best business model for the games but when you need to submit x number (eg 23 from this event) to get another prize then maybe, at the end of the event, it could be ?if you submit x number you will get each prize? Or at the end of the event allowing players to buy the prizes for $x if they?ve submitted 1 to 10 and 3/4 of that amount for 10 to 20 submissions etc. Just a thought. Any feedback anyone - Storm8 staff, moderators or the general forum community? Thanks.

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    no bunny again. even forked over some gems to try again to the last minute....still no luck. getting seriously sad now ....this is like the 3rd or 4th straight "luck" pets i didn't get....sighhhh....

    otherwise liked the event a lot. ALL the decorations are super duper cute -- thanks S8 team for bringing back the Easter-themed event!!! I really missed it last year~

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    Same here, multiple turn ins over the 23 required, working flat out and still no bunny arrived. Just don?t ever get ?lucky? with this game. Why can?t you get the main prize with the amount of work you do? It shouldn?t depend on luck. Castle Story works on what you work for you get, why not this game????

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    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    Take a screen shot of the bunny checked off.
    It was just before I went to sleep and event ended while I was asleep about 3am! Never thought at the time and now too late as the list of them checked iff has gone, Id completed it all as well, it happened to someone else too further back in the thread. I went back after rebooting to check if bunny was hiding in the cellar but he wasn't, maybe one if my other pets scared him off lol x

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    I turned in more than 30 baskets and still dont have the tree.

    I have rebooted, deleted and reinstalled and still nothing since yesterday.

    Very disappointing.

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    Same thing happened to me. I still just don't have it.

    Quote Originally Posted by DaphneGlass View Post
    I just got the bunny, but it?s not in the cellar, oh dear, I rebooted the game too, still not in the cellar, after all those turn ins too and hard work, I even used gems to hurry it along, has this happened to anyone else and how did you fix it, thanks in advance x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lapetshop7 View Post
    Same thing happened to me. I still just don't have it.
    Oh bless u, sorry to hear it happened to you, I just never thought to screen shot the checked prizes, all of them were checked and I went through the cellar items carefully to make sure but no, bunny wasn't there, so there will be a few stray bunnies about then lol.

    What I do advise is, make sure our devices are regularly cleared of cache and hard reset regularly too just too eliminate device bug causing any blips, also make sure all updates are done, at least that way storm 8 can rule that out if ever they solve issues like this in the future.

    Good luck with the next event x

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