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Thread: Bakery Story Add a search bar for storage item

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    Bakery Story Add a search bar for storage item

    Bakery Story ,Can't they add a search bar so we can just type in the item we are searching for so we don't have to search items one by one takes to long

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    Please! I second this. That would make it so much easier. Or even categories, like with the ovens

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    This is the reason I came to the forum. I think it would be helpful if we could get a separate option all together for any items we have in storage. Keep them all in one place. It’s especially frustrating when items are no longer available to buy and once you choose that item to place it, it takes you back to the very beginning of the list and you have to scroll through them all again to find where you were. Doing this every time is very time consuming. Did any of that make sense?

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    :thumbs up: Love this idea.
    Don't feel much hope since I have seen it (or similar) requested since 2011 and we still have this same archaic interface all these years.

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