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Thread: Where are my gem video's?

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    Where are my gem video's?

    Hello Storm8

    A few days ago I lost 40 gems by accidentally tapping on "build it now"* (we really need a 'are you sure' button for this)
    I was so sick of it that I bought 25 gems in the gem sale for the first time ever. And the last time because I don't have the money for it.*
    But since I did that I dont get the daily 10 free gem*video's anymore.*

    And I'm up to the point that I don't like playing anymore because all the good stuff in the store costs gems.*I can't expand my bakery or buy exclusive counters.

    Is there a way to get the free gem video's back in my game? I'm at level 74 and like I said before, I don't like playing anymore 😥😥


    Greetings Anna

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    As per the main thread on this topic, this is a promotional feature. It is subject to change. Hopefully you will see this feature at a later date.
    Please continue discussion on the original thread.
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