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Thread: SALE: Spring 2019 Sale

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    I highly doubt the Gem Dispenser will ever come back. Storm8 needs to make a profit, and unless they price the Dispenser at something exorbitant (in the process upsetting people), they stand to make more from periodic IAPs as opposed to a single lump-sum from all of us, after which they'll likely never monetise use again. This is a freemium game, from a design perspective I'm not sure the Gem Dispenser was ever a great idea, which is why they discontinued it. I envy the folks who were able to get it while it was available though! That was sadly before I started.

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    Love the sale! Such hard decisions to make, though, lol. My earned gems were gone so fast... Now it's back to finishing recipes to earn new ones :-)

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    Wow I spent about 200 gems without even realizing. This sale was great!

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