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Thread: SOLVED: Drink Up The Sun - Green Glow, Autumn Punch and Old Pal progress bar

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    I got the same problem, hope they will fix it asap

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    How will we know when it is fixed?

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    Hi baker, Dawn and Tina here. I finally squeeze one gem out of it. But on the next batch it went back to 2 and stayed there.

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    I am also having the same problem with all three new recipes in the Too Pink oven

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    I am also having the same problem on the new recipes on the Too Pink Oven

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    Same problems all three recipes finished goal all set on 1 not advancing at all.

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    I have been cooking the green glow all day on 6 stoves and have yet to reach level 2. I was almost there yesterday and it dropped back down. It does this on all 3 recipes.

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    I have the same issues with the first two recipes as well. I have made 14963 plates of Green Grow and the progress bar shows still in the beginning of level 1. I have skipped the recipes on the first page to make recipes on the second page.

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    I’m also having the same trouble with the three recipes on the Too Pink Oven. Any word on when or if it will be fixed?

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    Everyone has the same problem.
    It has now been 3 days plus.
    Since it is now night time in California, it won?t be fixed today.
    I?m really disappointed with that.
    Come on S8, isn?t anybody working?

    There really is not any point in making the recipes if the progress bar doesn’t go up. I am currently drowning in food.
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