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Thread: I?m really annoyed.

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    I?m really annoyed.


    I?ve been playing this game for somewhere north of eight years.

    I?m not a regular player, by any means, but I have worked up to level fifty, and bought gems quite a bit.

    I really don?t appreciate the sheer in-game cost of expansion permits, or the fact I need several of them to progress through the story.

    Look, I get why the game makes cost high: you?re aiming for those who will spend money to get there.

    Well, I?ve already spent money to get here, and I?m totally over why those potential costs keep going up, or even why they were that high in the first place.

    It took took me four years to get through the ?send Belladonna plants? storyline, but I committed to it, and worked to get there.

    But wow, game-makers, do I have to do years of work EVERY TIME I GET TWO SECONDS OF STORY?

    Ahem. I?ve worked less hard for actual work, and I work plenty hard for that.

    Please reply, because I?m so disappointed I don?t want to play anymore. You?ll be out 14.99 every few months, which may not mean anything to you, but it certainly does to me.


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    Thanks for posting this. I think a lot of long time players (myself included) feel the same way.

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    I used to play CS several times a day but have dropped down to every three to five days because it's just too frustrating. I've been trying to get enough wisps for the Search for Sabina storyline for what feels like forever. It's just not fun to make NO progress. It's such a bummer because this was my favorite game for a really long time.

    I also find the events to be virtually impossible to finish and I swear they didn't used to be this hard.

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