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Thread: Darkhound Dragon: April 9 2019 ( needed for A song of Fire World Event)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozigal View Post
    Congrats.. i got it on my third try. Night and Air. How awesome was that after our previous run.
    So glad you had a quick success as well, we earned it! I'm really liking the dragons this month. Just crafted the arena dragon (Furylord?) and before that a 2nd Darkhound to evolve. Hope we make it to the end.
    Best of luck, thanks for checking in!

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    I had to craft mine

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    I had to craft one on both accounts, so of course now I am behind on the number of points that I could have had if I had obtained it earlier. It sucks because I really want both of these dragons, but it looks like the final prize will once again be out of reach.

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    Doesn?t look like I?m getting this one 🤷🏾*♀️

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    I am so happy I got it on my second attempt, first attempt was night & neo air then I did night and air and it is hatching. Woohoo!!

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    My darkhound dragon struggles...

    Quote Originally Posted by sharyl32 View Post
    I am so happy I got it on my second attempt, first attempt was night & neo air then I did night and air and it is hatching. Woohoo!!
    Wow, I am SUPER jealous!!! I have tried well over twelve times now and the ONLY reason I even got the dragon at all is because I ended up crafting him at the spell shop! This ALWAYS happens to me...Sigh...  I NEVER EVER breed the new dragons right away. Ever! I try my very hardest over and over and over and over and over breeding them for the events and trying the combos where people had either instant success or in the least got it on their second try but NOPE! NO luck for me! I always try so hard to breed them and because I never can despite trying so hard I usually end up having to struggle to craft them instead and when I do succeed in crafting them it is already right near the end of the event.

    I am struggling to have enough to craft a second darkhound dragon because I evolved my darkhound dragon to level 10 and while I love the design of it all except for one thing. As soon as you evolve your darkhound dragon from level 9 to epic form its eyes shrink and it gets these tiny little squinty eyes that I really do not like at all compared to the eyes it had before it was evolved. The eyes it had from levels 1 up to 9 were super cute. It looked a LOT better with bigger eyes. The eyes on the epic form are just WAY too small and they bug me a little so I am struggling my hardest to craft a second darkhound dragon before the timer runs out. I should have JUST enough time to craft my second Darkhound dragon. I even have my phone alarms set for when I have to start crafting the next parts I need. My next alarm is set for 1:51 AM!!! Once I do the next task I need I will set my alarm again for however many hours it takes! That is pure dedication! After I finish crafting the platinums I have to craft that I need for those blue egg things then I will have enough to craft my second darkhound which I will only be leveling up to 8 because I love the eyes on that form the best because the eyes are the cutest on it. Not only that the animation it has with the little paws as he walks around with them at his chest is super duper cute! I do really love this dragon even though I do not like the epic form dark John dragons eyes that much!! It is still a great dragon and a new fave!

    OH and PS, thank you so, so SO very much to dragon story staff for not making the Dark hound dragon require a ridiculous amount of food! I think everyone should thank DS staff for this for not making it require such a horrible amount of food because maybe if they know how much we appreciate it then they might make more dragons in the events not require such an insanely hard to get amount of food! So dear Dragonstory staff, thank you again for not making an event dragon require too much food I really appreciate it!!!

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