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Thread: It looks like I going to say good buy to all my friends and neighbors

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    Quote Originally Posted by susieq62castle View Post
    Oh noooooo, Meeka! Mattimore begs you to just keep trying, even if just once a day......however, i am off again too....luckily, last time, game came back online after about twelve hours for me....that was exactly one week, another Friday, and my game is not loading...will keep my fingers crossed for us both! �� Help us S8!! I am not going thru the rigamaroll of trying everything...did that last week, and nothing has to be an S8 glitch, so please fix it!!
    Crazy , your on a new device I'm on a older device .so it doesn't seem to matter
    I wonder how many are off line that don't come to the forum ,
    Ok for you sweet neighbors I will keep on trying ,
    My heart breaks when I can't get on the game.. It's been a long hard week detoxing

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    We need to contain the one issue in one thread. There are now 3 or 4 threads running the same issue. Going forward can all players please post in original thread until the issue of connectivity is resolved. Any posts made elsewhere may be moved here depending on content. Thank you all for understanding.

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