Ever wondered why some things in Farm Story 2 we expect to be one thing turn out to be something entirely different? Or don't quite make sense, but we go along with it anyway? I just thought it might be interesting to list out any strange or confusing things we've encountered here. And who knows? Maybe someone among us can come up with a good explanation for it (or a humorous one).

Some of the mysteries I've encountered...

1. Why is the BLT made with Bacon, Tomatoes...and Spinach?
2. Why does the recipe for Mixed Veggies calls for Corn, Potatoes, and Peas, but the can art shows only Peas...and Carrots?
3. Why do what appear to be palm trees or banana trees drop Mangoes and Pineapples (which grow on the ground) while a tree that looks like a regular fruit tree drops Bananas?
4. Where do the Shrimp Tempura in the Ramen come from?
5. Why is Air Freshener being made in the Cannery...rather than the Floral Shop?
6. How does Bacon turn into Pepperoni?

For number 1, I know: Lettuce was never introduced as a crop, and Spinach is available as a substitute, so the recipe for the BLT calls for Spinach.
(Or, Morgan decided Piper wasn't getting enough fiber, so she decided to use Spinach instead and told Piper it was a new variety of Lettuce.)

Any thoughts on the other? Or any other mysteries to share?