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    Ever notice how when your animal loses a tournament battle, you get messages along the lines of "Feed your animal to make it stronger," "An animal's level and rarity contribute to its power," etc, as if these are helpful tips? We all know that's []. You can be using a level 15 ultra-rare lightning against a level 1 common water, and still lose. So what gives?

    From what I can tell, it's a matter of RNG, or Random Number Generator. Basically, you're given a certain number of odds no matter what. You may have slightly higher odds if using the correct level, element and rarity, but it comes down to randomness. And in my opinion, the tournaments are skewed heavily against the player.

    I'm really getting tired of them. I've been playing this game for a couple of years, and while I love it, I do have a few gripes. Too many coins, nothing to spend them on...inability to put animals/habitats into storage...and the height of the Bell Fairy and other flying creatures in the tournaments, so that their heads are obscured by the status bar. And of course, these dreaded tournaments which take hours and hours of time and yield far too little result for the time invested. I've been patient, waiting for fixes, but the devs seem to be focused on pumping out as many darling animals as they can, rather than balancing the gameplay.

    I dread story-book events because of these tournaments. Please, the RNG to be more in the player's favor. It really sucks to check in EVERY SINGLE HOUR for 18 hours straight, and maybe only get 3-4 levels cleared. Those helpful tips are worthless, and basically outright lies. I could hit a water element consistently with an ultra-rare level 15 lightning for 7 turns in a row, and on the 8th turn hit it with a level 4 nature, and knock it out in one shot, just because of RNG timing. Give us a break, please!
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