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Thread: Pot of Gold

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    So, this last collection I went very slowly and recorded my coin drops.

    3 POGs--->$10, 324
    15 POGs-->$2,124
    17 POGs-->$1,224
    1 POG---->$324 + Golden Apple

    If you'd like, over the next few days I can continue to track the coin drops specifically (and update this post with the info) to give you a better general idea of the averages. Perhaps with more stats, you can decide where they belong on your board a bit quicker.

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    I almost never got the $10K coin drop, even during the event. Yah the gold items have gone way down, especially the nuggets. I could get 1 nugget a day, from one of my 4 accounts & 40-odd pots during the event. Now I think I've gotten 1 gold nugget period post event, a few golden apples, a few eggs. One of my mines recently dropped a gold nugget, which hasnt happened in ages. Even though my pots are giving $1224, they only take up 1 square! And anything that gives $1K consistently is good for me, I've been playing this game only about a year.
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    i have one acount. 8 pots of gold. over the past several days, i have tracked mine (not the specific pots themselves, but in general). i have about a 25%-40% chance of a gold drop (has been an apple or nuggest or egg).about 50% of +10k in coin (i've had collections where 75% gave 10K & some with no 10K coin). rest at the 1kcoin. given the low energy input (already made & done) & good drops, i still collect from them each time they come up. they are already made. take little space & quick/easy money maker (which for those of us with lower queendoms -level 37- & limited daily energy droppers)=very welcome still.
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    I have 3 pog. Up to present,including the event, I have gotten ONE gold nugget total. Not my favorite way to waste energy.
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