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Thread: Bakery Story: April 2019

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    Bakery Story: April 2019

    Looking for active neighbours?

    Post your Storm8 ID here. Only one post per ID please.

    Information for new players:
    Check out Welcome to Bakery Story to get started. Happy Baking!

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    Tatermaters . I don't care if you never tip. Just answer request and gift. I tip as I am able. THANKS

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    Please add me: Kasia0782 thanks!

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    Add me for a daily player that responds to gift requests, sends basic parts or parts you want after goal is finished and occasionally tips (I forget tipping sometimes). Looking for players that responds to gift requests and sends goal parts during goals and basic parts after goal finished. I read walls to see if you want certain items. Tipping is optional.

    bayoubaker on Bakery Story & Restaurant Story

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    id: shxnelle

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    I?m looking for players with a 2-4 star bakery. I stay at a 3-4 star bakery. I tip when I can and I always gift during goals. If you need specific parts after the goals, just request or leave a message on my wall. In need of players who help during goals!!!! My ID is Mermaidfox

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    Hey im looking for neighbors i try to keep 2-3 stars and sometimes 4. I gift often and tip whenever i can! Mine is: monkeygoose4

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    Add me : KiraLafera

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    Looking for dependable daily players to help with goals, tipping is not important, and neither is your level. I, myself, do not tip and have found that level doesn't mean anything. A high level player is just as likely to quit as a low level player. My most recent "spring cleaning" was 95% high level players. I gift daily, parts only, as that is what my fellow neighbors prefer. I send the same gift to everyone, first thing in the morning. I have never made a habit of reading my wall, so please don't leave requests that way, as they will go unanswered. Tipping is not required, though very appreciated. Though I do prefer parts I don't give a fig what is sent to me as a gift, I'm happy for anything. The only thing that I require is that my requests get answered. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I'd rather end up with neighbors who know exactly what to expect from me, and who play in a similar fashion. I play Restaurant Story as well; ID is sittaspel. Thanks 😊

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