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Thread: Restaurant Story: April - May 2019

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Mar 2011
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    ID: kwong888 and kimmy42. Pls add me for parts only. Thx. No tipping, sorry.

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    Hello, I?m new here. Username: TheLocalChef

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    Jun 2014
    My ID is DylanGaz

    I'm a daily player on level 99. I respond to material requests and tip back.

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    May 2019
    Env?o ayuda Maureth12

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    ‼️First I Need those who could read their wall and write down their need, I don't want to guess anymore.
    If you're pls go on reading👋⬇️

    🔸I'm daily player, gift if not maxed and respond quickly as soon as I receive.
    🔸Tipping is not important for me, but I'll tip if you want.
    🔺If you're those who gift only after receiving gifts, Pls do not add me‼️
    🔺I only want high-level(not star)nbrs who will do the goal and gift basic part when goal is done like me.
    🔺I usually mass gift(when goal just begins), and like to tip after receive gift from nbrs silently. But if you're maxed already when I gift, I would leave msg to let you know and tip no matter i have received or not. Sometimes only tips without msg.
    💕If you could accept and agree with me, Plz add me,
    🤥If I find you're not suitable, I'll delete you without notice, Thanks🤗

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    Add me, please ID: AnnDunwich

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