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Thread: Restaurant Story: April - May 2019

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    Restaurant Story: April - May 2019

    Looking for active neighbours?

    Post your Storm8 ID here. Only one post per ID please.

    Information for new players:
    Check out Welcome to Restaurant Story to get started. Happy Cooking!

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    Add me for a daily player that responds to gift requests, sends basic parts or parts you want after goal is finished and occasionally tips (I forget tipping sometimes). Looking for players that responds to gift requests and sends goal parts during goals and basic parts after goal finished. I read walls to see if you want certain items.

    bayoubaker on Restaurant Story & Bakery Story
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    Add LJHIG - I only send/accept parts and goal part gifts. Accept requests when they come up & not fussed about tips!! ��

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    Looking for active players. I check for help requests multiple times a day. I send back what I am sent as a gift, so send me the part/food you need. ID: countrybarb
    storm8 ID countrybarb
    I play Restaurant Story & Bakery Story

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    I?d love some friends please! roxysasha

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    Looking for dependable daily players to help with goals. I do not tip, but gift daily ( first thing in the morning), and answer requests multiple times throughout the day. I mass-send gifts, everybody gets the same thing, and it's always goal parts. I also do not make a habit of reading my wall, so requests made that way, will not be honored. I do not need tipped, though I do appreciate it. I'm also not picky on being gifted, or what the gift is. I prefer parts but am thankful for anything. The only thing I do require is that my requests for parts get answered. ID is sittaspel. Thanks 😊

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    Just started a second restaurant after maxing the bakery and almost maxing 1 restaurant. Usually tip daily but a few days slide through here and there. All I require is that requests for parts are answered.

    IDs are:

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    Hello I'm a daily player.

    I do not play the goal. I only play the side goals.

    I play many games. Sorry I don't have time to tip. But I do gift and answer all requests.
    I don't expect anyone to visit. Only answer requests for any parts I may need.

    Thanks my I'd is lilacswan if you need a neighbor even for expansions.

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    I?d be happy to add anyone for requests, expansions, tips, etc.

    Username is brendanflynn123.

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