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Thread: Pegasus not questing

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    Pegasus not questing

    I've tried on both accounts to send my Pegasus on its essence quest but it just hovers in front of the quest building and doesn't actually start the quest. Please fix this asap as today is the only day I and most other players will have any time for this since questing will be needed for the storybook. Yet another glitch...please focus on some quality control please!!! All these bugs and issues are extremely irritating!!!

    Update: so I found out that the quest is going on but the building graphics don't register the quest. Unfortunately, it just cost me 143 gold to find that out as I figured I would do a food quest in the meantime only to see the majority of my gold disappear and the quest register as finished. I am LIVID right now!!!! 143 gold for a lousy 2 essence!!!! I want my gold back !!!!
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