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Thread: GOAL: Smile for the Camera! - 2019 Mar 28 (15 Days)

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    I'll do the goal in my at-this-point typical fashion, which is to say without caring whether I actually finish or not. I too wanted a happy spring theme.

    On the bright side, I was just thinking that I needed one more water garden in my 2nd bakery, so I guess I'll do the side goal there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    It's honestly baffling me why they didn't go with a spring theme, there are so many ways you can take that theme and still have new ideas.
    Exactly. Spring has endless material for goals. I feel bad complaining because something is better than nothing. I think I was just not ready for all the black today. Thanks for all you do, appreciate the work.
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    Thanks, for the info. I’ll use screen shots, but I hope they can fix this☹️

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you for the goal post and information

    Agreeing with almost everyone else here: disappointed that we didn't get a cute spring goal. The only good thing I can say about this goal is that it's more recipes to master. I don't like anything else about it. Lol.

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    Thank you AnnirasSweets for all the work you do putting up the goal information so quickly. It is greatly appreciated.

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    ṭһ?ṅҡ ʏọȗ ṡıṡ ғọŗ Ŀєṭṭıṅɢ ṃє ҡṅọẇ, ı ɞєєṅ ẇ?ıṭıṅɢ ғọŗ ṭһıṡ Ŀ?ṡṭ ṅıɢһṭ ṭһєṅı ғєĿĿ?ṡĿєєƿ😊

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    Does the drop rate on this goal seem slower to anyone? It was always frustrating that collectibles didn’t drop each time I made a recipe on a goal oven, but this time I counted. I started the 1st recipe and then stored the oven so I could get it back out and restart recipe to get more collectibles. I did this 10 times. 4 of those times nothing dropped. One time 2 collectibles dropped. One collectible dropped the other 5 times. That’s ridiculously low.

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    Thank you for the info!
    Enjoy your day

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    Can we please have a seasonal goal with a nature related reward instead of always getting scenes with characters? I don't see the point of this kind of goals

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