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Thread: Rock Pet Family Leaderboard - 2019 Mar 20 (POLL ADDED)

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    I?m having the same issue. Restarted my IPad a couple of times but still no pet rock feed sack.

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    Is the pet rock family just a decoration or does it yield gems and premium parts?

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    Could I check where can we place the stone pet? Can?t seem to place it in any den

    Update: just realised it doesn?t need a den 😆

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    I just received the pet rock and it seems you have to feed it. Is it like the other animals that roam the farm? What does it do?

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    ��*♀️22,256 Points exactly on 1st 3 places on my leader board! I don’t get it! The rest of us are 7,000 or less. My mom plays her leader board mostly has less than 6,000. She’s enjoying the competition - I haven’t had fun because those 3 have had over 6000 since the day the event started - so I’ve just played normal - haven’t wasted gems on a futile attempt!

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    I'm finding this leaderboard very frustrating. I never try to win - I just want the milestone prizes. But this time the wheel is so bad where it comes to dropping points (instead of weird purple fencing), and my crafting buildings have been so stingy, that I have been playing since the beginning but might not even get the punk rock cow. Combine this with the low drops in the arts event, and all the positive feelings I had after the last event are gone. Why make everything so hard? I play these games to escape reality, not to be reminded that life is frustrating and unfair unless you have money. And I've already given you guys a lot of money! I should be able to reach the midpoint of the milestones without spending money.

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    Hello all! I finished the event and got the pet family! Just i received it Congratulations to all
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    I am a new player, first event in this game, no idea what Piper Music Club is. Can someone fill me in, what or where is that, and what is it used for? Thank you.

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