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Thread: Castle Story 3/14: Press Your Luck event - 14 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by wishtheywerereal View Post
    I think a more appropriate gift/bribe/ peace maker, given the unannounced mid-event change, would have been a super rainbow pot - 10k in coins and/or a guaranteed gold item drop, and to make it S8 reasonable, a 22 hr timer. It was a serious misstep of S8, tne worst in my years of play.

    Maybe they will/could tweak the next event to be PHENOMENALLY awesome to conpensate???
    that would have been a good gift.
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    Ugh, Cameron is just another of the 2 gnome/leprechauns I put in storage already?

    Thanks/no thanks.

    Plus I have only gotten 2 gold items and never 10,000 coins from my 8 pots.

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    Can confirm the pots are still dropping gold items post event....and while I never had a 10k drop during the event, they still seem to be dropping a good amount of coin.

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    Overall I very much enjoyed the event:
    *There was a variety of items to click on:Clover Tree, Emerald Clover, rocks, Lucky Fawnicorn, etc.
    *I had something fun to do in crafting extra Pots of Gold when I was completed with the main event.
    *Liam is a great addition to my Queendom.
    *The Rainbow cloud was a fantastic final prize for me personally as I can always use energy.
    * The theme was timely around St. Patricks Day.

    Thank you S8 for coming up with, developing, testing, housing, supporting, maintaining such an addicting game and I appreciate Cameron and the energy crate <3.
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    I still say if events were not crammed down our throats every two weeks S8 would have more time to test the events. Way too many glitches and over sights keep happening.

    And that bonus "thank you gift" will never see the light of day. Silver and Jewels?!?! Two of the easiest obtained items in this game...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritWind00 View Post
    Please force close your game and if not on your board or in Storage your best bet is to lodge a ticket with Support. I'll let S8 know a few players now are having issues.
    Thanks. I did force close--multiple times. I think the problem is the "gift" was a single inventory card that said, "S8 Thank You Gift." On the back it said listed 50 energy crate and the new leprachaun. They were not two separate items. And when I tried to place it--it disappeared once I hit the check mark.

    I'll submit a ticket. Thanks.
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    I apologize to everyone for my rant. It was inappropriate and reflected a poor attitude on my part.

    I do buy gems to support S8 because that's important, and anyone who buys gems DEFINITELY deserves their advances in the game. I don't begrudge that one bit.

    A few people who complained in previous events also proudly stated that they refuse to buy gems, mostly due to gem traps, but I was very wrong to assume that many of you fell into that category. Again, if you are buying gems you have every right to be annoyed and frustrated.

    The S8 "bonus oops" items have been a boon to other players, but cannot compensate you guys for your expenses.

    I am sorry for my post and will try not to do it in the future.
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    My "gift" also disappeared after two attempts to place. I also had dialogue pop up between Thurston & Gemna which ended by telling me to select steed. Following that was dialogue from Old Thomas. Then a picture of the Love Shack directing me to the market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgoble55 View Post
    My "gift" also disappeared after two attempts to place. I also had dialogue pop up between Thurston & Gemna which ended by telling me to select steed. Following that was dialogue from Old Thomas. Then a picture of the Love Shack directing me to the market.
    Funny/Not funny! Love Shack hasn't been around for ages. Hope it all gets sorted out for you. That's nuts.

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    Post-event, th? pots are giving me 1-2K coins plus some random gold items. The Lucky Fawnicorns gave coin & some glimmerdust, for those tired of hitting red mushroom circles in attempts to find!
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