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Thread: No notifications

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    Michigan, US
    I'm also not receiving notifications from the game. Started yesterday 8/6
    I'm on Android moto z3
    Operating system is 9

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    3 of my neighbours have had the same problem on BS & RS in the last 24hrs. Mine's gone again too

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    No notifications

    I've been playing BS and RS on the same device for years with no problem and now all of a sudden in the past 2 days I am not receiving food ready notifications, comment notifications or notifications of any kind. I've tried clearing my cache, rebooting my computer, uninstalling and reinstalling the game but nothing is working. What would have caused it to all of a sudden quit working?

    I've been using the same device for 3 years: samsung galaxy pro tab 8, android version 4.4.2 and the latest version of bs and rs. There are no updates available. My notifications have always worked until this week.
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    Same problem here. Again.
    Since yesterday I do not receive notifications from BS anymore.

    Samsung A8 2018
    Android 9
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    I am having the same issues on my new android Samsung Galaxy s10+ they work on my s5 & s7 edge no push notifications of food ready comments on my wall or tips received the game is a 4.3 version

    3 day's ago bought a new phone Samsung Galaxy S10+ & am having the same issues no push notifications
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    Same problem for me. Galaxy S8 Active

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    I've also stopped receiving notifications. I've never had this issue before.

    Samsung Note 4
    Android 6.0.1

    I was receiving notifications prior to this week.
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    Push notifications not working


    Samsung Galaxy S9 plus
    OS version - 9
    Game version -

    This is not a compatibility issue. I've been using the same phone (Galaxy S9+) on both RS & BS. It just all of a sudden stopped push notifications. I am running the latest versions & update whenever one is available. Not that there are many updates. I've only seen 1 in the last year.
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    Android version 8.0.0
    Phone: samsung A7
    Game version.

    No notification for 5 days

    Still no notifications. Used to get notifications on food ready...

    My RS has no notification too
    But castlestory is working
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    No notifications

    Device: Android
    Version: 8.0.0
    Game version:

    Oh my gosh! Same. I've posted the problem in the forum twice and still no notifications. This seems to be happening more and more. I also have Android 8.0.0 and my daughter has a Samsung and she's not getting any notifications either. 😢
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