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Thread: Castle Story 3/7: The Hidden Forest (main story) | *goals and inventory on page 1*

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    Quote Originally Posted by wishtheywerereal View Post
    If I knew they would be useful in an ongoing way like the alicorns I would buy more than one (have one already). Although I am feeling a bit impatient (had typo of inpatient) ; ) I don't feel any great need for the overgrown buildings. The Sabina quest took a really long time, the mermaid ones took a really long time, and this one will too. Another month won't kill me and I have one wisp pet to greenly light the way.

    I really am still SO tempted to get another one! : ) Forget being reasonable! : )
    I am thinking that the forest wisp might be invaluable in the future just like the yellow wisps. Not sure but just a feeling
    S8 please remove cap on level

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    My Salvatore is a total dud. Black flag for earth wisp on every collection so far. What a disappointment. 😟

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    Does anyone have info on goals 8-10 that they can post?

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    I mean 8-10 of the second chapter

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkc619 View Post
    I am thinking that the forest wisp might be invaluable in the future just like the yellow wisps. Not sure but just a feeling
    I could further justify it by saying that since I bought the gems on discount, it is like getting it 30% off, near 100 gems.

    And when I think about all the energy saved (see my earlier post #230 page 23 on this thread for more details) that every vine dropped is a minimum of 15 energy (assuming one gets a vine from a willow, not guaranteed) plus getting 1 -3 forest wisp essences ( saving on spawning and fighting, massive range from immediate spawn and easy defeat of 8 energy (24 if 3 - and let's face it, I never got three in a row) to a tougher spawn of 10 or 11 and then a kill (18 energy total), and getting THREE (54 energy) - like getting a minimum weekly alicorn's worth of energy or more twice a day. IF you get the three at once and a vine, and sometimes a newborn baby in there. Trafficking in newborns aside, it's an utterly brilliant purchase, esp as compared with the rather useless gold digger currently available.

    Oh, dear, I AM talking myself into another purchase. : )

    Edit addition: Yup, have 2 now. : ) It comes locked and loaded, as it were, and my first drop was 3 essences and a vine, sort of like getting 70 energy's worth of drops. WORTH IT! (To me anyway) : )
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    Castle story lvl 50
    Yes, I bought 2 forest wisp pets right when we started this storyline and they have definitely paid off in saved energy. I always buy gems when they're on sale also, it comes up fairly often.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CoyoteMama View Post
    I mean 8-10 of the second chapter
    To save you from having to look back through the thread:

    Prepare the Vimino Tribute 0/1 (will spawn the Enraged Rhino Spirit)
    Vimino Tribute I = 3 Golden Nuggets + 3 Golden Eggs + $1,000 - 10 Minutes
    Summon the Second Forest Spirit 0/1 (Prepare for a fight!)
    Goal auto-completes when Enraged Rhino Spirit Spawns

    Goal 9
    Defeat the Rhino Spirit 0/1 (spawned in goal 8)
    Enraged Rhino Spirit = 199 HP

    Goal 10
    Prepare the Vimino Tribute 0/1
    Vimino Tribute II - 10 Forest Wisp Essence + 35 Dragon Scales + 30 Newborn Sprites - 2 Hours

    Renata is awarded, she's the same size as Salvatore but has a 22 hour timer and by my reckoning so far, she seems to have the same drops as any dragon.

    The second tribute remains as a permanent trade and will give $50,000.
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    I am hardly getting any mermaid scales I used to be maxed but now that we need them they are suddenly an extremely rare drop

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    I am annoyed by the terrible vine drops. I seem to be getting more and more trees with no vines at all.
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    Mermaid pond (available for gems, of course) is a good supplement for mermaid scales: 2-4 every 5 hr. Princess Lorelei pond gives them, too. Also, aquamarine alicorns give 1-2 every day. I'm a bit short, too, though, sometimes with increased need for enchanter's essences. Good luck!

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