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Thread: Castle Story 3/7: The Hidden Forest (main story) | *goals and inventory on page 1*

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    Quote Originally Posted by laudenum View Post
    Just a heads up everyone re drops of Newborn Sprites and Forest Wisp Essences between parts of new storyline.

    I have not started Part 2 yet as I was going to stock up on Sprites and Essences first, BUT I have collected twice now from Ivy's Hut and 2 Green Forest Wisp pets and have had no drops of Quest items.

    SO maybe don't Finnish Part 1 too early before time runs out so you can continue to collect Quest items ready for when you want to start Part 2.

    Will post again if I start getting drops
    I am on the very last step of the acidium totem - VERY timely posting, thanks!!! I will certainly delay THAT one to the nth hour!!

    What is the forest wisp pet dropping please if not wisp essences and newborn sprites??

    EDIT ADDITION: You answered this in other postings: 125 coins and nothing else!

    It has still been very very worth it for me to purchase the pet; I am crafting wisp lanterns like mad to get the expansion between the two statues for parts 2 and 3 and tapping my 20ish baby flygers every opportunity for earth wisps and a few more precious lanterns.

    Note to self: Unless in an event like this, have loads of lanterns on the shelf ready to go! : ) Same for expansion permits, RESIST temptation to expand everywhere asap - keep 10 or so to the side as buffer for these discount moments! : )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Melany77 View Post
    Just got something cool from Salvatore so I checked his inventory card. Post it here to cheer you all up (I'm sure the drop rate is tiny)
    He also drops earth wisps and lanterns.
    It was nice of you to post this. It inspired me to keep going!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    These Forest Vines are really ridiculous! I've chopped well over 60 Willows and have only just crafted my 8th Forest Blade. At this rate, I'll have to clear hundreds to craft all 21 Blades needed.

    I know the timer for HF Part II is 30 days but that's not really my concern with this issue. I'm more worried about the absolutely absurd amount of energy I'm going to have to expend to get this second totem.

    This is hardly what I would consider enjoyable s8! We really need another source for the vines or the caps need to be raised.
    Although we have the option of using the wisp pet for all the vines, that would mean not getting the 30 day prize. I was going to go all out, get all the prize buildings, and set up a rustic section with logging decorations. Maybe not!!

    If the wisp pet had great drops, even a chance of them, outside of the main event, it would be worth it to get a few. But not if it is just 125 coins in between/after - just one is fit for purpose for me!

    I think someone else posted this thought towards the beginning of this event - most don't have the energy reserves/capacity to do such an energy intensive event AND anotber one. I hope this means we have a break until the Easter Bunny hops back into town. If there is another major prize timed event in the 30 day window there would certainly be a forced choice.

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    I’ve found 4 plots with reduced requirements. Is that correct? Lost out on wisp lanterns but great savings on $$ and permits. Thanks S8!

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    Another option for Mithril is the trade in the Exchange. I can't remember what it's called (maintenance currently ongoing) but it's the one that gives the blue and white coloured metals - silver, mithril, adamant, ore. I've had good success getting Mithril from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wealthyrich View Post
    Server down ! Cannot play !! How? Losing time !! Please reimburse with energy crate
    S/8 shuts down twice a year during the USA time change ,for maintenance for two hours ,yes we lose time and it chances all our collection times ,grrrr ivy and the frost wisp being 12 hours and ready an hour ago , I just hope I can get in my game after ,, with my log in problem that scares me .i glad this event is main story line and not timed not unless you want the extra over grown building I was so of disappointed with my farm house though it would be bigger not full of moss,,lol

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    Woohoo! Just got 4 newborn sprites and about 20 essence from about 10 wisps spawned from only 80 trillium!
    That’s more like it I’m enjoying this now! Hope everyone else is being lucky too!

    (I was also lucky to get 100 energy from a unicorn)

    I found the game was only down for about 1 hour 15 minutes too, so that was good as it’s daytime here so wanted to play

    I have more than enough to finish part 1, but will hold off a few days to get ahead a bit before ending part 1 (thanks for the tip about the lack of drops between part 1 and part 2!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritWind00 View Post
    Given we need to make 8 compass you might want more than 3 white trillium. I have about 30 out but I also have 5000 energy to play with... working on number 3 now!
    Thanks for the tip. I thought white trillium took gems like the red ones and I accidently spent all my gems on cotton candy bushes in that other event. Happy to see they take coins and added about 20 more. I think I?ll get the 8 compasses made in time but recently made spellbound parts and now have to collect more dew. Doh!

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    Thank you for the heads up laudenum, I am on the very last step of the acidium totem and will wait to finish it so I can still collect event items in advance for the next step.
    I like when I have several events at one time beyond the main story line (I do understand this new event is part of the storyline, but its new).
    I bought the Forest Wisp, great addition to my queendom.
    Also took advantage of the reduced expansion plots.

    And on a side note, I just got Kaz, as always s8 did not disappoint, he is so ornate.

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    I just looked at page 1!

    Boy have you guys been busy! You do such a great job keeping all of us informed and on track, it is greatly appreciated!!



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