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Thread: Castle Story: Information Nuggets (detailed info on specific topics)

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    Castle Story: Information Nuggets (detailed info on specific topics)

    Information Nuggets
    These nuggets are written and updated by ShibuyaCloth

    Click on the word Nugget to take you to the thread.

    Nugget #1 - Inventory overrun - how to get some inventory items over the cap.

    Nugget #2 - Expanding - includes the Kingdom Map and materials required to expand each square.

    Nugget #3 - Neighbours

    Nugget #4 - Energy - everything you need to know about where energy comes from and how much you can expect to receive.

    Nugget #5 - Beasts - everything you need to know about skunkupines, lovecupines, fangbeasts, trolls and dire boars.

    Nugget #6 - Gems

    Nugget #7 - Levels and Experience (xp points)

    Nugget #8 - Organising your Castle - a tool to help you design the layout of your Queendom/Kingdom

    Nugget #9 - Additional information about the Royal Exchange and trading including drops

    Nugget #10 - Inventory - Caution: do not visit this inventory guide with a mobile connection; it is a very large file. This nugget builds on the current Inventory Guide in the Hub but also includes lots of other information about inventory items that are not core story, eg event items. There are pictures on all items.

    Nugget #11 - How to play on old devices

    Nugget #12 - Coins (best collection strategies with coins per hour)
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