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Thread: Would you be interested in a paid version of Bakery Story?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayjco View Post
    Yes, IF it put an end to the gem traps AND the goals gave you more time to complete them (like a month or whatever) AND they'd need to start including Christian holidays among their goals as well as giving us the American versions (no more communist Santas.)

    I've about had it with these games. I will be 88 minutes short of completing this BS goal. It just isn't enough time for me anymore. I can't complete the goals, so the purpose of starting them is getting fuzzy.
    This may be a really dumb/obvious question but what do you mean by they should include Christian Christmas not considered Christian? I?m NOT looking to start any religious discussion, I honestly thought it was considered Christian.

    They used to do more diverse stuff- there was a Diwali goal with some really pretty deco, I want to say we had a mosque deco but you?re right, it?s really limited and the America stuff is really favored and tbh I?m so tired of more red, white and blue stuff every single July and around other ?USA proud holidays? like Veterans Day, past presidents bdays and stuff like labor day might have been another one I?m not sure. It just gets repetitive and all looks the same.

    I think I want less holiday themed stuff (unless it was one that hasn?t really been covered or Halloween as I can?t have enough Halloween stuff lol).

    Would I ever pay for a game? Nope. I don?t have the money to waste tbh.

    I do like the idea of a paid subscription for people as part of this current app. They could get access to a couple new things each month or biweekly as well as some past stuff that they currently have locked. Chances to access locked ovens/deco/tables may be an added draw for people who didn?t play the game from the beginning. I know I would seriously love to be able to access some of my locked deco and appliances.

    I wouldn?t make a separate app or turn the current one into subscription only- you?d not only p!ss off a ton of people but also I think it?d be really hard to do- I?m not a game developer tho so idk

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    Quote Originally Posted by luincristiel View Post
    Definitely not if the game stays the way it is right now... perhaps if it goes back to how it was in the Team Lava days.

    I took a year-long break from the game and just recently came back. Catching up on the threads since I left I don't think I've missed much. Not many new content to purchase with coins and no new items to purchase with gems, and almost everything on sale have been offered multiple times since I played.

    I missed the good old days when I looked forward to the weekly updates - whether it be the goal release, box release or new content release...
    Same I came back just after Valentine?s Day after being off for a year or so. I looked through the newly locked appliances/deco/tables and I liked a couple things but wow has it changed!

    Deco rewards are not as pretty as they used to be, and I?ve seen a couple ?new? appliances/2nd row of recipes on old appliances being carted over from Restaurant Story with a name change. They?ve really lost a good chunk of the creativity of this game.

    That being said, I still like this game better than Restaurant Story. I?m so bummed with RS goal rewards lately and lack of nice/interesting goals and deco.

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