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Thread: Would you be interested in a paid version of Bakery Story?

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    Would you be interested in a paid version of Bakery Story?

    I asked this same question over in the RS forums...

    I've thought for a long time how much better these games, RS/BS, would be if there was a paid version. I've played for 6 years and spent thousands of dollars on them, whether deliberately or by falling into the carefully constructed gem traps.

    Maybe a flat fee per month, a one-time sizable investment, I'm curious what ideas could surface from the clever minds of my fellow players.

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    Never. I have never spent a dime on this game and never will. I have been playing for at least 8 yrs.

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    I did the lengthy explanation over in the RS thread (for those interested in my full reasoning and ideas) but it's late and my fingers are tired of typing so BS is getting a quickie answer:

    Yes, I would gladly pay for the apps but only if it guaranteed new weekly content like the apps used to. At this point, there is very little I wouldn't do if only we got some creativity back in these games! I know that lots of players are content with the games as they are now but having played from the beginning, the state of things now is nothing less than sad. If money is what it takes to get the games out of this goal only, recycle heavy rut then I would gladly pay.

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    I would hate a paid version. I would never spend money on this or any game, no matter how much I liked it.

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    Yes, IF it put an end to the gem traps AND the goals gave you more time to complete them (like a month or whatever) AND they'd need to start including Christian holidays among their goals as well as giving us the American versions (no more communist Santas.)

    I've about had it with these games. I will be 88 minutes short of completing this BS goal. It just isn't enough time for me anymore. I can't complete the goals, so the purpose of starting them is getting fuzzy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baker9081 View Post
    I would hate a paid version. I would never spend money on this or any game, no matter how much I liked it.
    Sounds like when cable first came out--"What? PAY for tv programs?! That's crazy, who would do that when you can get all the tv you'd ever want for free."

    And now it's considered par for the course, unremarkable.

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    Interesting idea, to be fair. I wonder how it will play out.
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    Personally, I think they need to improve the way they treat there customers first, especially paying customers. Before they even think of possibility of that idea. Even if it's cheap.

    Otherwise who would really pay for it?

    In other words: Click image for larger version. 

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    But if they must do this in the future, or at any given time, then maybe not completely subscription block the game, but rather have the subscription part available for people to buy/not buy if they wish, but for better perks. - And maybe, for the people who don't buy the monthly subscription, can see how good the item/perks are - and possibly buy the monthly subscription.

    Because if they completely subscription block the game, then they'll definitely lose more customers then gain them.

    --- I disagree. Now that I've read people's reply here and there.

    I like getting to see others (different cultures - religions) of there "Christmas" or celebrations, festival and etc etc - and, I actually think we have seen a decent amount of American or the American idea of Christmas so far. Excluding the Christian part of "Christmas" , but compared to others. We've yet to see hint of Hanukkah version of the season in here, etc etc.

    And we've a overload of American things in here, everything doesn't need to be American or American themed, that would be a step in the wrong direction, and then there wouldn't be much diversity, and this game slightly does lack that already. But so far, I like the diversity of certain things. Even if I am not apart of/celebrate whatever may come into the game at times.
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    I would pay for a sub only if they made many changes.

    Specifically for me, if behind a pay wall:

    -I can buy the appliances I missed out on when I took a break.

    -Goals not feel so labor intensive and less recycled recipes

    -Recipe cards to correspond with in game foods.

    -Once a year online live stream workshop to make a recipe from game. (Paid registration required: pays for recipe card & non perishable materials(like a custom made S8 Bakery Story Apron and/or Chefs hat), participation gems or Bakery Story cake topper, special edition in game appliance for participants only. They would have to download app: "Bakery Story: Live Stream" to acquire oven. This app version would have limited time decorations like a camera on a tripod, a table with live stream laptop and cake counter, a live stream bakery studio, etc. Side goals for this appliance would roll out once a month for the appliance. (Would be kinda dope if S8 could negotiate youtubers like Yolanda Gampp or Rosanna Panisino or Claire from Bon Appetit to be host/instructor)

    -Faster or more implementation of customer ideas applied to the game or vote based ideas roll outs

    -As previously mentioned, removal of gem traps!
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    When I consider how much I put into all my storm 8/ lava games over the past 10 years, I think I already have a paid version, if I would have had to pay it up front I think I would have said omg I’ll never pay that much for a game.

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