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Thread: Would you be interested in a paid version of Restaurant Story?

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    The old game was so good I played it on my sister's phone when I was 13. When I finally got my own phone I downloaded this game right away because of all the fond memories. ONLY TO BE DISAPPOINTED WITH THE LACK OF WEEKLY UPDATES, THE GOALS, THE REPETITIVE DESIGNS THE EVERYTHING. If I have to pay to get the old good quality content back THEN SO BE IT S8 YOU HEAR ME??!!!
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    No I would never pay to play I already buy in game purchases like gems for real money that is more than enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpt_jack_sparrow View Post
    I spend no money on games. Bad enough I spend time on the games. If it would be a requirement I would find another game similar.
    I try to avoid spending tons of money on mobile games. You never know when the company will just stop updating the game.

    I would not pay a monthly/yearly subscription. I've played since the beginning and have no interest in mobile games that I have to pay a monthly fee for. Especially if they don't listen to players' requests now.

    If they ever do that, I most likely would not be updating any more.
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    I definitely would NOT pay a monthly fee! I don?t spend money on games. I?ve maybe bought a few gems when I first started playing 3 years ago. I?m able to complete goals without purchasing anything. I used to be able to earn up to 10 gems a day by watching videos but that is no longer offered to me. I would love to have that offered again permanently!! I WILL NOT purchase gems or pay a monthly fee! Especially since I can?t work...

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    No monthly fee! I’ve bought plenty of gems. I want to choose when I pay & when I watch ads for a bonus of some sort.

    If they charge a one time fee to remove ads, it better be very small. I have many Bakeries & Restaurants. If the fee is high most of us will quit. If we paid for this game we would expect them to put a lot more effort into it.

    I’m not doing the update. I did the Bakery one & now I get ad videos when I’m trying to serve food before it rots.

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