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Thread: Castle Story 2/21: Sleeping Pretty event | goals and inventory info on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andro45 View Post
    I'm still not getting videos. I used to, a long long long time ago, but that somehow changed. My luck is random, sometimes I get what I want, sometimes I don't.

    Normally the adventure disappears after the event ends. I wonder what will happen if you don't choose. Will you get Hugo as he is or no Hugo at all? I'm guessing nothing at all, because you wouldn't have finished the complete event. Wouldn't that be sad for Genevieve?

    I chose to keep him as he is in both kingdoms. I don't like the look of the human Hugo and I think the beast is cute. Out of body experience...same here LOL.
    I ended up keeping him as a beast too. I liked the look of both versions but preferred the beast version, and she loves him regardless, right?

    That whole out of body thing wasn?t Genevieve?s only quirk- her eyes kept changing color between green and brown. Color changing contact lenses, perhaps? I never enjoyed sleeping in my contacts. I bet her eyes are killing her. Maybe Ivy should have been working on a saline potion instead...
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    Hi, all!

    Finished upgrading last night, along with getting all the roses I needed, but now I'm waiting on a castle adventure to finish (I didn't realize I'd have to use the castle to finish this up) before I keep the Beast a beast. He's more interesting than the human guys walking around and he'll fit right in with the horde of fairies and crab army I've got on patrol. Maybe that'll be his new task, assigning patrol paths to the crab army. Haha. But really, Genevieve fell in love with him as the beast and he's not gonna be leaving the queendom, so he might as well stay as he is.

    I probably would have finished five days ago, had the troll camp been working properly, but as it was, the drop rate dropped dramatically over the last few days and I was getting maybe one every twelve hours. I was not impressed. The adventures netted me a couple essences, so that was something, but it really slowed things down. I had everything else made ahead of time while I was waiting, and ended up using extra energy (yeah, I know, what's that?) to do other gathering stuff.

    I've got one more chance to get the sleeper gnome, but I'm not gonna hold my breath for that--I think the only thing I've ever gotten from any of the chests was the red crab. I think there was a bat available during a Halloween event that I really wanted, but I never got that either. That randomness, coupled with the inability to purchase the thing after the event is annoying.

    I also request, yet again, to allow us to sell off things in our inventory. It's difficult to find anything and there's a lot of stuff I don't want because I never liked how it looked to begin with. The topiaries aren't all that nice to look at (and I have a zillion of them, in multiple colors) and I've got random assortments of old event upgrade items I'd rather not have. Please let me sell this stuff!

    Please increase the walker cap! I like seeing everyone out and about. There are very few that I don't want out and really only because they are holiday related (with the exception being the Baron--he's always a jerk to us, so I'm never wasting crowns on him.) The crabs are cute, scuttling around, and I like that there are so many fairies now--I have two left to get, but I'm already over the cap and can't decide who to put away. Honestly, it'd be nice if I didn't have to decide.

    I'd also like to request a couple of things in regards to neighbors - something that shows when they were last on (I know it can be done because there are other games that have that built into their platforms) and a "select all" button, so I can more easily send out gifts. It's annoying when you have over a hundred neighbors and have to click through all of them to send out requests for event items...and I'd like to be able to send out daily gifts a little more regularly, just to show them I appreciate them for sticking with this oftentimes frustrating game.

    Quality of life updates make for happier players, after all.

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    Well for once I will have to say that the consistent roll back feature that when usually happens screws you out of that drop you were hoping for came to the rescue today. This morning went through tapping on opening duties of getting chests and got the usual 3. Tapped and got all roses. Tapped on a few other things then left game to work on another. Went back about 10 minutes later and immediately noticed everything I had tapped on including the 3 chests taken from inventory a bit earlier and placed out were untouched. Annoyed that had to do again started with chests and out of first one popped out a Sleeper Gnome! The other two had different topiaries. Actually finished event on Friday so have mostly collected NRG, kept up with chests and made Trade Tckets. Randomness rules apparently!

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    I may have missed it but does anyone have the dialogue for Human Hugo?

    I chose to keep him a beast and am curious to see what the dialogue would've been had a kept him human.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melany77 View Post
    You always win the community prizes, they're programmed so you win them at the end. They don't really count your rose collections, or so I've heard.
    We dont “always” win unless people continue the event, I have had some Dragon Story community events where the final prize isnt given out
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    First chaise collection:

    2 trade tickets and $2400

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    Aahhh I made to the last step Keep or Break the Spell. Just like Hugo, I didn’t know what to choose so decided to come back later. I closed the Adventure and when I came back later the choices were gone. I lost Ivy’s potion. Restated the game didn’t help. Looks like the game thought I spent the potion already. Help, anyone?

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    I am in the same boat. I couldn?t decide and didn?t see a timer on it so I figured I could wait. Got held up and didn?t make it back before the event ended and it?s gone. It looks like that it ended when the event did.

    Quote Originally Posted by sylbrac View Post
    Aahhh I made to the last step Keep or Break the Spell. Just like Hugo, I didn?t know what to choose so decided to come back later. I closed the Adventure and when I came back later the choices were gone. I lost Ivy?s potion. Restated the game didn?t help. Looks like the game thought I spent the potion already. Help, anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamapuls View Post
    It looks like that it ended when the event did.

    Oh I didn’t think of that. Makes sense but also so unfair. So that’s it? We’re just the unlucky lot then? �� thank you for sharing.

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    i had a gap in my royal wall around that section. so i put the slab in there. it fits perfectly. can barely tell that it is not 2 sections of wall
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