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Thread: Home Design Story: can?t zoom in

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    Unhappy Home Design Story: can?t zoom in

    For the past week I’ve been having issues with not being able to zoom in to see my entire home. I can only see the rooms in the upper portion of the screen, so I cannot move, add or change anything if I cannot zoom in to do it. It’s getting very frustrating!
    I’ve contacted support and they referred me to the forums. Is anyone else having this issue?
    My version is up to date, my phone (iPhone Xs) took an update last night. I’ve restarted my phone, offloaded the app...can anyone help me, please?!

    I’ve actually been playing this game since 2013, but had been out from 2015 until fall of 2018.
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    I have an iphone 10 x max. software update 12.1.4

    I am not having these issues.

    Try going to settings-Display and brightness, scroll down to view and make sure you are on standard and not Zoomed.
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