iPad iOS 12.1.1 Bakery Story lvl 99
Game version 1.8.2

For the last 2 days when I decline a gift the slot does not open again. This has not happened before and I am not doing anything differently. Any resolution known?

Day 3 upgraded to iOS 12.1.3. Same issue. This started when I reached lvl 99. I do not see how that has anything to do with it but it is information.

Day 4 I accepted 15 gifts and waiting to see how many more would come is as pending. I was hoping that would allow me to pick the remaining 5 I wanted and then delete the rest. After the last 5 came in neighbors started saying my gifts were full.

I am finished building goal ovens so beginning tomorrow this is going to become a major issue for me. All I can think to do is start deleting neighbors.

Any advice is welcomed.