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Thread: Storybook glitch sweet shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenspring View Post
    Mine is fixed to. Try closing down your game and restarting if yours is still broken.
    Mine is fixed too. Thanks S8

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessCupOButter View Post
    I am still perplexed that the store before leaving the game glitch doesn?t work for everyone. Out of curiousity, I tried it with the chocolate rocks just now, and I could indeed store them with no issues. I also checked on the roses from the last event, I can still place and re-store the ones I had saved. I did not try to chop it to see if it had turned to deco like the trees from a few events back did.
    Gift horse, mouth, don't look comes to mind!!!: D

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    Sorry about that, this has been fixed! The first task will automatically complete now as long as you have built the Sweet Shop.
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    Mine was fixed now

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    This issue is now resolved. Please force close your game if you need to. Closing thread so others can see this post and PikaSquirrel's as well.
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