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Thread: Storybook glitch sweet shop

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    I bought, placed and build the sweet shop a few minutes before the chapter started, my bad. Well, we have half a day off now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clarontinalisa View Post
    I have the same problem. Definitely says build and it is built but does not recognise it is built already. I guess I?m out of this challenge!!!
    not necessarily. we can steam through chapters once bug sorted. : ) hey, We sure won't be tempted to spend gems to open a chapter as they will already be accessible.

    always a bright side. : )

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    I did this too. It now says build one,,, but I already did and it won?t let me move on .
    So now I?m stuck here too.

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    Please help!!! I buy sweet shop before the chapter 2 unlock and now I can't play further. It ask me to buy one at the market and there is no second one to continue

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    Chapter 2:
    Goal 1 Visit the Sweet Shop | market, x coins
    Goal 2 Visit the rustic well 0/12
    Goal 3 Clear chocolate rocks 0/2 | market, x coins
    Goal 4 Upgrade the Sweet Shop to Level 2

    Its says VISIT the sweet shop on page 1 goals

    I read that to mean we had to have it placed already and visit it

    When i read it i went and did that

    Hence my mistake placing it
    Am in same situation as everyone else now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellieofrivendell View Post
    Nevermind, I think I founded it - Current Known Bugs and Issues for Castle Story - or something like that. I posted there, I hope it helps.
    SUPER THANKS. I am off for massive conference work event, so won't be able to be as present here as I would otherwise be. Forum Power rocks!!! Teamwork!!! : ) : ) : )

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    I?m stuck as well, I?d bought the sweet shop before the chapter started but didn?t build until after the chapter started but it still won?t acknowledge it as built. Having to wait for chapters to start is annoying enough this is just the cherry on top! Not missed storybook events and I?m sorry to see one back. Goals usually autocomplete for events & long term storylines so why not now?

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    Me too. Can’t buy another sweet shop. Can’t do anything and the goal is not ticked off. What can we do now

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    Same for me, it’s been built but isn’t checking off the task as completed,

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