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Thread: Restaurant Story: February 2019

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    Jun 2014

    Restaurant Story: February 2019

    Looking for active neighbours?

    Post your Storm8 ID here. Only one post per ID please.

    Information for new players:
    Check out Welcome to Restaurant Story to get started. Happy Cooking!

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    Mar 2018

    Daily player, gift daily and always help with request.

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    Add me, returning long time player:

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    Feel free to add me, I am always looking for new neighbors. ID: xAnnemarie

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    Apr 2013
    Level 99 player here, just cleaned up my neighbors list & I'm looking for neighbors that do the goals, send goal related parts & fill requests. Tips are not a necessity, and I only tip when I have time. My ID is valerieann815

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    Hong Kong
    ID: lemuelkl

    Active player, regularly do tips and gift requests.

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    I am mom2718. I have also done my annual cleanup of inactives. Need neighbors to swap goal requests and parts with. No tipping or gifting done or expected.

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    Sep 2016
    Daily player and I give parts when requested. ID: inanr

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    Looking for daily players to help with goals. I do not tip, but gift daily. I gift parts only, and everyone gets the same thing. I do not have a habit of reading my messages, so requests that way will go unanswered. I prefer parts gifts, but nothing is refused, and no nasty-gram will be left for anyone in regards to gifts sent. If you're an easy going player like me, feel free to add me: id is bakesandtakes. I also play bakery story with the same id. Thanks! 😊

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    Please add me I need nabors I am new thanks so much

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