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Thread: World Event Or Any Event Adventure Quests

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    World Event Or Any Event Adventure Quests

    I will base my question on the current World Event the crowned perfection. When we send the Praetorian Dragon on quests the 3, 8 or 12 hr quest..How are these crownhearts we receive calculated? For example I did two 12 hr ones back to back on 2 separate accounts...when I collected the first 12 hrs I got 325 or so crowns and 350 something on the other. I sent him on another 12 hr quest this time I got like 160 and 180ish. This is a drastic difference. Is there an algorithm or some sort that determines the number of crownhearts you receive? Do you get more the longer you leave it? With all of this randomness it makes it extremely difficult to calculate what number of hours you need to send your dragon on. In order to reach all of the milestones in time. It's like this with all events you can send your dragon on for event points. I used to love this game. Now it's just becoming ridiculous to complete any events without spending a ton of gold to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colmadito View Post
    <Snip...> Do you get more the longer you leave it? <...Snip>
    You raised an interesting point here. A 3-hour quest usually earns us 70+ points, but I've noticed that if I collect them a couple of hours late, I tend to be awarded more, usually around 80+. The same goes for the 8-hour and 12-hour quests, making the collections some hours after the stated time more often than not earns you more points.

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    Hey guys, I did check on this question and the rewards from the quests are random.
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