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Thread: Opinions about crafting Crown Jewel or Adventure tickets.

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    Opinions about crafting Crown Jewel or Adventure tickets.

    Hi! Would like opinions on crafting the Crown Jewel dragon or taking the 15 Adventure tickets. I only have 90 tickets now. The only Neo dragons I have are Neo Air and Neo Diamond. Having trouble deciding due to food costs and evol. times.

    Don?t have much time left to make decision. Sorry for the late post!
    Thanks for any suggestions!
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    It's really all about your personal preferences and goals, so it's hard to give advice. Here's how I made my decision:

    Crown Jewel IS breedable, but it's ultra rare, which makes it very difficult to breed. I have several friends who have been trying for CJ for *ages* with no luck. I haven't even tried breeding for him yet since I'm still working on the diamond/black hybrids. Collecting all the diamond hybrids can take years. It sure has for me, and I'm still missing several. So, even though I'm less than 10 Tickets away from getting a very wanted Ancient Star, I chose the CJ instead of the Tickets. There is always Bingo, plus the other Tales and World Events, to collect more Tickets. But I doubt acquiring a CJ will ever be this easy again.

    The evo time is long, but that's true for all diamond types. It's just part of what makes them a unique type group. Chucking a diamond hybrid in the evo ~40 hours before a LB starts is an easy way to earn LB points and a nice pile of bombs for mining.

    On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of Neos, in general. So I am biased. To me they feel like retreads/S8 ran out of ideas. I already have single-color dragons of every color type (Fire, Air, Forest, Water, etc.), making the Neos feel redundant. Tbh, I don't really see the point of them, other than something to do for hardcore completionists. But that's just my personal opinion- plenty of other folks like the Neos for battling.

    Collecting all the diamond types is more important to me than collecting any of the Neos. It might be the exact opposite for you. So, it's all about your own game goals and preferences. Everyone plays differently and has different priorities and goals, which is cool.
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    I don't do Bingo so the event prizes are the only way that I get tickets. Typically I choose to craft them to save up, but this time I went with breeding Crown Jewel. I'm not in any particular hurry to craft the Neo dragons and I really want all the Diamond types. I've been trying for Prism (for example) forever so knocking one Ultra Rare off my wish list was awesome for me. But like FireballFarm said, it's all about your personal preference
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    Hi! Don't know if I'm in time for you or not, but I did not have Crown Jewel so I chose to craft it.

    Good Luck to you!

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