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Thread: Goal advice and tips?

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    Question Goal advice and tips?

    Hey Bakers! I haven't been active on the forum for a little while. Sorry - have had too much stuff going know how it is.

    I'm really struggling with these new goals on both RS and BS...

    1. Way too many parts are needed (as we all know).
    2. Too many plates need to be served (it was alright when we only needed fewer parts).
    3. Not enough time!

    Can anyone please give me some tips or tricks on completing the goals more effectively?

    I won't be able to complete this goal which I am really disappointed about. Boo Too far behind this time.

    I really don't have the time or energy to do the cook, collect and cancel thing.

    I'm really unsure of what to do. I wish the goals were back to how they used to be. I appreciate any help and advice.
    MissTwilight99. Only adding serious players on RS only who do goals, are active and respond to requests quickly. Tipping not as important. I tip most days and gift and accept requests often. Bakery & Restaurant, occasionally Fashion & Pet Shop too.

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    Level 99 player on RS and BS but rarely tip unless goal requires.

    The following steps are what I find is the most workable solution for me which doesn't require me to cook and cancel, just requires a bit of patience.
    It's a long post - you've been warned.

    For 15 Days Goal:-

    1. When you open your game, there will be a pop up showing the pending gifts from neighbours. On main goal days, they will send many of the same parts. Usually part #1 and part #2. Sometimes with a part #3 or #4 in there. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY YET. Just close the pop up first.

    2. Buy the wallpaper and tiles. - I've read that you can buy any design/pattern but I usually stick with the goal theme.

    3. Buy & build the required 3 appliances for main goal. Now you can see which parts you need to accept for appliance #1 and can filter which parts to accept / reject. It won't hurt to reject the other parts. Accepting the other parts only slows down your build progress for appliance #1, esp if you are pressed for time. Take note of these neighbours that sent you the parts.

    4. Start cooking the first recipe from the given (free) appliance. (Set timer/alarm if needed. When you only have one appliance, it's a lot faster to serve and cook the next recipe during your quick toilet break lol.)

    5. Ask 10 ACTIVE neighbours for part #1. Ask 10 ACTIVE neighbours for part #2. Ask from those who sent you the same parts as gifts. It is a very high chance that they're participating in the goal and will help you out. Don't worry if you are unable to build one appliance on the first day. Esp when you have accepted non-related gifts from the previous day. It's okay.

    6. At this point, side goal will also appear. It is up to you to choose whether or not you wish to obtain the prize. If not, you can just focus on the main goal.

    7. Check which recipes that has shorter/longer cook times and cook whichever that is convenient for you. For my case, goals appear in the morning, so I usually start with the longer recipes so I can serve during lunch break/after work. For eg. If it requires cronuts (9 hrs) and matcha (1 hr), I usually put out all 15 ovens and cook my cronuts. Then I can forget about them for the time being and just focus on the main goal. At the end of the day when my cronuts are ready, I can serve them, put away the ovens, put out the drinks appliances and start cooking the matcha recipes. This way I can keep track of them when I am home.

    8. My reset time is 4 pm, so I usually gift after work at 5 pm or later. I would send out requests for appliance #1. Again, ask 10 ACTIVE neighbours for part #1, 10 ACTIVE neighbours for part #2. Gift all neighbours goal parts for appliance #1 for the next 4-5 days. I have 100+ neighbours, I don't have time to entertain whoever has specific requests. My neighbours should expect this of me by now.

    9. At this rate, main goal usually proceed very slowly and side goal usually finish a lot faster, but hold off completing the side goal first. (maybe leave 1 serve left) For now, there'll have enough food to sustain my bakery while I focus on the main goal.

    10. As the goal requires us to build 3 goal appliances one shot in the second step, I usually have enough time to build another 2 more appliances (optional) for the next few days - with ACTIVE neighbours, of course. I will continue cooking, gifting and requesting the same goal parts, but will not redeem my collectibles unless for maybe 1 or 2 parts needed to finish building. This way, I will have enough collectibles to redeem for appliance #2. (Just a reminder for those who like to speed through goals..If you have finished building appliance #1 earlier, say maybe with 10 days to go on the timer, please be considerate to other players and gift the first appliance parts for the next couple of days. If they are active, they will answer your requests for parts for whatever appliance that you're working on and you will still be able to complete the goal.)

    11. When you reach the part in the main goal that needs you to "Buy" a floor decor, complete your side goal. Once you complete the side goal, it will fulfill that requirement and give a check mark. So far, it has always done that for me. I like this because I don't have to think about what to purchase lol.

    12. Once appliance #2 is unlocked, place the given (free) one out. Buy and build 2 more as per the requirement. Now I can redeem all the collectibles needed. There is usually enough to unlock one after asking for parts #3 and #4 as well. At this point, you should be about 8-9 days to go on the timer. It is on the safe range to start gifting the parts for appliance #2. So now, there are two appliances running + 5 of appliance #1. Do not put away appliance #1.

    13. Continue cooking recipes on appliance #1 for collectibles (and gems!). Once you've managed to complete building all 5 of appliance #1, reject the gifts for parts #1 and #2 so you can make room for gifts parts #3 and #4. Sometimes it is faster to build appliance #1 due to the lesser amount of parts needed, but if you're pressed for time, build appliance #2 as per requirement. Parts for appliance #1 can wait till you completed the goal.

    14. There will also be a step where you will have to visit community members, but you can leave that till you're home or have time to do that. I am eternally grateful that S8 took the suggestion to release this step at the same time with unlocking the next recipe so we can continue cooking rather than get stuck at having to visit community members only then able to unlock the next recipe.

    15. I can proceed with the rest of the goal steps with a peace of mind. I usually am able to finish with 2-3 days to go on the timer. You can view the timer at the small icon towards the right side of the screen that shows the shortcut to the collectibles. There you can keep track of how long the goal will last. Just keep gifting goal parts until one day left, then hold gifting parts. Usually another goal will start the next day - the dreaded 5 day goal.

    I used to just put away the first appliance after completing the steps for it, but I quickly realised that it is crucial for dropping more collectibles for appliance #2 even as the short recipes spoil if you don't serve them in time. At least you can redeem parts faster than just relying on 40 gifts a day on neighbours who may or may not send you the right gift, and may or may not accept your parts requests.

    For 5 days goal:-

    1. When you open your game, there will be a pop up showing the pending gifts from neighbours. They will send many of the same parts. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY YET. Just close the pop up first.

    2. When the goal pops up, it is up to you to choose whether or not you wish to obtain the prize or to unlock the new recipes. If you do, proceed to Step 3. If not, you can take a much needed break.

    3. See which recipes require the longest/shortest cook time. Recipes in first step are usually on the basic appliances that everyone has. Cook whichever recipes that is convenient to you, or set timers if needed. As the longest recipe usually requires only one serving, I could sacrifice an appliance to do that recipe while cooking the others.

    4. If you still have appliance slots, build the required appliance if you don't have it yet. Filter the parts gift as required. Don't be fooled by the "build 1 appliance". Do build more. My minimum is usually 5. Ask for parts. Gift same parts.

    5. Check the forum. I usually take a screenshot of the goal steps for quick access.

    6. It is VERY IMPORTANT to cook ahead in order to keep up with the goal. I don't know how else to explain this. If it helps, the cooking times usually equals to the spoil time. So you can plan ahead to cook the longer recipes for the next goal step.

    7. Gift same parts until hours left on timer. Sometimes I am able to finish a day before timer ends, sometimes I managed to finish with few hours to spare (if I set the alarm at night), sometimes I missed being able to complete the goal due to real life events but oh well, I have new recipes!

    This is just my battle strategy for the current goal format. We all make mistakes and sometimes accept the wrong gift for the appliance needed and that's totally fine. As there isn't much we can do despite all the complaints, the least we could do is to compromise and find that balance or just, not play. Enjoy!
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    I think eeveldoll summed it up nicely. I do much the same and always finish the goals with at least 3 days left, some times it's 5 days left.

    As pointed out, it's very important to continue cooking on the 1st goal appliance after the goals move on to focus on the 2nd appliance so you can get more collectibles. By doing this I'm usually close to mastering the first recipe on the first appliance by the time I've built all three of the second appliance.

    I also think it's important to keep my neighbor list relatively small (around 60 at most) so I can be sure that all my neighbors are active and that they gift only parts. I don't think I'd be able to finish the new goals if I had a bunch of neighbors who didn't gift goal parts or that didn't play daily.

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    It is much harder to complete goals these days. If you can't be online quite a bit, you'll either have to tap your fingers off to start and cancel recipes or you'll need to use gems to complete the goal. I'm being more selective about Goal Participation these days. I also don't care if I finish some of them and do them just for recipes/gems.

    This game works differently for different people, so check on the DECLINING of parts. For me (and several of my neighbors), you can get 20 parts as gifts, but you have to take what you get. If you decline a gift, okay, but you can't replace it with another. If you decline one, that leaves you with 19.

    I am watching who sends goal parts and who doesn't. I am disappointed and bummed about it, but I'm going to have to drop some very good neighbors (with pretty bakeries that I enjoy visiting!) because they don't send parts/goal parts. If I get a cappuccino, I've received a gift I won't use AND I've lost the ability to get a part, so...some great neighbors will have to go.

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    @ kayjco: I’ve recently realized this from a new nbr. They are 100% Goal oriented with a strictly Parts only & demand NO Food. I am following this strategy and have found many new nbrs that are the same. I?m enthusiastic that the next Goal will be so much easier with only Parts Sent!
    It was hard letting go of Foodies. I just explained that I need space for Parts & food holds me back. Good luck!

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    I never heard that thing about the side goal completing the buy a piece of decor step! I'm going to test that and see if it works for me.

    (Well, if I can--sometimes those 1 hour recipes mean I don't finish side goals until much later.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by twospoons View Post
    I never heard that thing about the side goal completing the buy a piece of decor step! I'm going to test that and see if it works for me.

    (Well, if I can--sometimes those 1 hour recipes mean I don't finish side goals until much later.)
    I usually sit the Side Goals out due to already owning the prize but am also looking forward to trying this shortcut. I suppose it's the little things that keep me happy as a long time player, lol.

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