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Thread: Please Increase Limits on Resource Habitats

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    Please Increase Limits on Resource Habitats

    Hi All. I understand that when certain resource dragons were introduced (food, bomb, dynamite, map, gold producing) it was at a slow rate and therefore the habitat capacities were low. Now that more and more of these types are being introduced, we need for the limits to grow with them. For example: I have 5 food producing dragons which means I have to use up 3 spaces because the habitats only hold 2 dragons each. This is crazy, especially since I am maxed out on spaces for the time being. I think that one of the easiest ways that the devs could help players like me is to increase the dragon and resource capacities of the these habitats.

    I really, really hope this advice is heeded
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    I will pass this request over.

    (Moved thread to the suggestion forum.)
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