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Thread: No notifications

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    I already gave up hope that they're fixing this issue. Apparently, they want us to get fed up and stop playing, or something. With the current situation, completing goals is becoming more and more bothersome. I have to set up alarms in order to keep up with them -all just because they are unwilling to solve a problem with their game.

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    Yes what Exactly happened to the notifications on both Restaurant /Bakery just curious

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    I'm quitting restaurant story and bakery story. Those games I started in 2012. The main reasin i'm quitting is that storm8 don't support their custumers anymore.

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    The food ready and email notifications are still not working and yet I'm getting in-game adverts for other games. Some one must be programming these into the games so why can't the notification issue be fixed?
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    You are not the only one not getting notifications, same issue for me

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