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Thread: No notifications

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    Any solutions to this problem? I'm on a Samsung Galaxy tablet and notifications stopped a couple of weeks ago.

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    Same here. No notifications since last Monday. I play on android, my cell is a Huawei. My sister playing on a Samsung has the same problem. Both rs and bs are suffering from the same bug.

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    I'm using note 9 and can no longer receive notifications

    Quote Originally Posted by 30precious View Post
    I no longer receive push notifications on my Android. This needs to be resolved my food keeps expiring. Life is to busy to keep track of this game without notifications.
    I'm using a note 9

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    I thought it was only me, but now I see that there're many people with my problem. Since last week I have no notifications neither on RS nor on BS. My device is Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017). Android version 8.0.0 (Oreo). I'm playing with the regular version of the game. My cellphone is not new, suddenly the notifications dissappeard. If you have any news please let me know.

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    Notifications not coming thru since about Tuesday 8/6. Both BS answer RS

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    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for your info. I have added all of you to my report.

    For those who have sent me a pm on this, I have replied to you.

    Future updates will be posted in this thread to keep everyone posted here. Please hold for the team to check when they get online later on.

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    I have an LG android and LG Tablet. I have Not been able to receive notifications on either device for at least a week now. I have chkd settings and even chgd RS to priority and still nothing.

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    I've read this entire thread, have tried everything everyone has suggested and still no notifications. I play on a Samsung Galaxy s7. I play fashion story cozy couture version restaurant story outdoors version

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    I am having the same issue, no notifications for either of my accounts, BS and RS

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