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Thread: No notifications

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    Those were the first things i tried. ALL of my neighbors are having this problem so it's not a device or compatibility issue. It is affecting thousands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlelesmo View Post
    My notifications have stopped too. I uninstalled & reinstalled, toggled the on/off in notifications in the game & in settings it's still not working.
    Quote Originally Posted by 247ivy View Post
    My food ready push notifications doesn't work.

    I tried check and in checking in settings and uninstall and reinstall.

    What else should I try?

    I'm on Android version

    My ID is 247ivy
    Quote Originally Posted by BellasHouse1 View Post
    Same problem for me, too. Started about 3 days ago. This game and Bakery Story - I did post there, too. Galaxy S8 Active
    Quote Originally Posted by Enodroc View Post
    I'm having the same issue. Since around 1 am Wednesday. I've also uninstalled & reinstalled. Nothing I've tried helps & of course you can't submit help requests to Storm8 for this game any longer.
    Quote Originally Posted by godblasko View Post
    Same problem for 3 devices in my home. Two are Huawei P20 phones and one is a LG G5 phone. The P20 phones went through a software update recently so I thought that might be the issue but when the G5 stopped working too, I found that very strange. No modifications of any sort have happened to the G5 for many months so for it to suddenly stop working seems like an issue on Storm8's side. Something in the game is not pushing out the notifications maybe?
    Quote Originally Posted by LisaLadybirD82 View Post
    I am seeing several neighbours, aswell as myself, where suddenly this week, no notifications at all.All different devices, people and parts of the world!

    What's happened!?
    Quote Originally Posted by Snackz71 View Post
    I am not getting notifications on either of my Android devices (Samsung and LG) however I am still getting them on my IOS device. I noticed they stopped almost a week ago.
    I have flagged all of you in for a check.

    Can you edit your above posts and let me know if your notification was working previously and provide these details. Thanks.
    - device which you're playing on
    - device os version
    - game version

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    I really wish they would acknowledge this problem. This happens more and more and you can't email them anymore. It's really frustrating. 😞

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    I stopped getting notifications when my food is done or people tipped or commented too. It started Wednesday 7/7. I am played on a S8 galaxy also. I uninstalled and re-installed and it still don't work. Ugh!

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    for me as well.

    It's super frustrating when everything you try to correct the issue doesn't work, and then when you follow the procedures to request help listed in the forum for bugs there is no response. If you aren't going to support the game, correct your posts so at least its clear to the people. Please provide updates with timelines. This is happening with all of my games from them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minmanmol View Post
    Those were the first things i tried. ALL of my neighbors are having this problem so it's not a device or compatibility issue. It is affecting thousands.
    Agreed and same problem here. I don't really understand how storm8 can pretend it's our problem when it affects almost everyone at the same time without us doing anything different. All my neighbors have the same issue from the exact same time. Notifications on Dragon Story are now on and off. It's obvious the problem is on the games' side, not ours. I'm disappointed on how this is being handled although I appreciate the dedication of the moderators here.

    I am on Android and all my games and system are up to date

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    The same happened to me. I play on two android devices: a Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Samsung Tab2. They both stopped at the same time on Wednesday.

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    I play 2 Samsung devices. Both tablet and phone have stopped notifying me food is ready from Wednesday 7th August 2019 on Restaurant Story. Thought it was me until I saw on another wall. Both devices are up to date.

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    I am having this problem as well. I am on a Samsung Galaxy J7 Star. I noticed it yesterday, but thought I accidentally messed up some settings. I even contacted Samsung Support to troubleshoot, still nothing.
    I see that it's an apparent bug with S8, I just wanted to add to the list, lol.
    I hope they extend the side goals, or something, for those of us who are having this issue.

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    I no longer receive push notifications on my Android. This needs to be resolved my food keeps expiring. Life is to busy to keep track of this game without notifications.

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