Hi guys! I wanted to start by saying how impressed I am that this game is still getting updates. Being around for nine years and having the budget-cuts last year, it seems like it's defied all odds - which I'm really happy to see

Another thing that wows me is how much effort is still evidently put into the updates - and I think judging by goals alone the current updates have more thought put into them. I've been following the game over my absence (on blogs and such), and I've seen several types of innovative goals (the five-days on old appliances, the 15-day ones and now the new collectible idea), which is great! Also really interesting having the sidegoals for a past item.

Now, the issue for me is that, while goals are great once a month, I would much prefer to have them mixed-in with the traditional updates and box updates - and here's the brief explanation on how it could be pulled-off:

I'm not sure of the schedule exactly, but it seems like there are two to three goal-chains per month. What I'd do is take every third update (or somewhere around there, don't want it to be formulaic and completely predictable) and instead of writing goals and having locked recipes/decor, just having it all free in the market, with either a new appliance added to house the recipes OR putting the recipes on some old appliances. I loved back when the basic appliances saw changes - and the Grill and Drink Machine in particular could benefit here. OR you could add them to appliances of yesteryear - the Smoker Pit only has one recipe, for example, why not add a related dish to it? Let the community know through a simple pop-up and the appeal of that appliance doubles - and encourages people to build it when they see the news.

Another benefit for the makers would be that they'd probably only have to design two/three recipes instead of six. All new appliances introduced since 2013-ish have had three recipes at first, so we could sometimes see a new appliance with two or four to change that up. How 'bout an old recipe from a basic appliance returning on a new one? There's a good selling-point. How about a Christmas Cooker with the past recipes (Gingerbread House, Holiday Ham and all of that, there're a lot more that I can't remember)? Sell it for ten gems and once again advertise it's distinction to really get the excitement going! Again, less effort and potentially more profit for Teamlava!

Moving on to the decor and this would have more potential for gem prices, like in the olden days. A lot of big floor decorations for 50 gems, a table/chair/counter for a couple of gems etc. You could try a Collectible set like we saw with the coffee theme years ago - and now at least we know they haven't forgotten about that feature. How about some new badges to go with? Seasonal Spender, Festive Chef and Chief Collector are some rather self-explanatory ideas they could add to that list.

As for crates, they could either have a separate, occasional update for them or mix them in with the other updates. They seem to have done that in Bakery with the French Bakery Crate, unless that's a re-release. Actually another idea would be bringing back old boxes or selling a related box for several million coins instead of gems as a brief promotion.

As I said, the goals themselves seem pretty interesting for now, but they could vary the times more (give 20 days instead of 15) or have a speed goal with no building and instead having to buy a ton of ovens to cook stuff in three-or-so days. Or the creators could make a special short recipe chain, featuring French Toast, Omelettes, Bagels, and some 30-minute foods where players essentially have two days to cook fifty of each. It would be interesting!

Again, this is just a list of ideas I thought of earlier, but I do think these could spice things up. Thank you for reading