Hi there; long time player here

Currently I have no room for any new habitats which is awful because I always buy the new one that is on sale weekly. I am trying to craft marble keys as fast as I can but it's still a very slow and painful process. Given that we need to craft items for events, such as Tales, and to craft dragons, it's so hard to focus on keys that take a whole day.

My proposal is either of 2 options; give us a dedicated building to craft keys that take one whole day - or shorten the craft time permanently to 12 hours or less. As it stands, the max number of keys needed to clear one space is 35 which means one space per month. This is an extraordinary amount of time given that there are so many new dragons being introduced once or twice per week. Also, if the time frame was reduced, we could even squeeze in a key between crafting responsibilities. This still will take a lot of attention and time management but at least we'd be able to clear a space every 2 1/2 weeks or so.

I really hope you help us with this issue so the long time players can continue to enjoy the game and the new players know that the pace will not come to a grinding halt at some point