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Thread: Can't collect coins from habitats

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    Can't collect coins from habitats

    I am at level 195 and my coin total has been going in reverse since I went over the 2 billion plus coins. Now it is telling me I don't have enough coins to collect from habitats. It shows I have -1,146,101,303 coins. It is a problem Storm 8 has known about for a long time and hasn't fix. How can we play this game if Storm 8 won't fix problems?

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    It's a limitation of computer language and device hardware. 2,147,483,647 is the maximum positive signed integer for 32-bit.

    You can resolve this by spending Coins in the game to bring yourself below this value or you can submit a request to support for assistance and they will remove the excess for you.

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    That response is so much BS. So you are saying that you will continue to screw over long term players. Your band aid is only a short term fix because as you collect coins you will hit the the problem again. The number of times the game has screwed me over stealing gold to buy coins is [redacted]. It won't let me spend coins because it is saying I don't have enough coins. Storm 8 needs to have a fix in place to address to problem
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    If you need assistance, please reach out to support. We're not able to modify the rules of computer languages.

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