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Thread: Castle Story 1/10: Snow Place Like Home | *goals and info on page 1*

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    Quote Originally Posted by wamboltia View Post
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    Dear Snow Castle,
    You have not dropped anything you were advertised to drop. I don’t like you! I poured so much into you, time, resources and this is how you repay me, by dropping stone. You and that armored liar bear are just alike.
    Disappointed, Wamboltia
    The pressure inside the castle is not high enough and the temperature too low, therefore the stones have not yet turned into jewels. Well I got Silver Ore for the first time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingdom4again View Post
    I finished early too due to devoting all energy to the event goals. I have a wished school and a daily 2-drop Alicorn as my only additional energy sources. I also only have the basic sources for resources not the previous event items that drop resources etc. I finally made a baby flyer and hatched a dragon the day after I finished. Sure could have used them as a coal source during the event! Only way I have found to complete these events is to only use energy for the event. I stop collecting from everything non essential and log in as often as I can. Even so I was surprised that I finished this event so early. Maybe I was just luckier with my drops?
    same for me with single minded dedication. After a few days my trade post even stands idle. the only thing I collect from besides event relevant items is the stables and chicken coops. NO WAY would I finish so soon without pouring everything into it.

    Again, that only works for events where you don't have to wait for Ivy's hut or the troll camp : ( For those, I need to be careful not to over collect for events. I was very careful this one to put the brown minks away even before I completed as Harvey has WAY better drop rate. The forums are critical - I had missed how to get a second Harvey by hours, but I do read the forum afew times a day in the first week of an event.

    Hope that helps!! : )

    Hilarious post on Dear Snow Castle! : )
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    Maybe level 10 is to high and the nuggets are being processed into gold coins?

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