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Thread: Castle Story 1/10: Snow Place Like Home | *goals and info on page 1*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavenderdale View Post
    yup, don't have to dress the second Harvey. I decided to keep him as a Baby though because he's cute.
    Would have done the same if I had managed to get the second.... I didn?t know how until it was too late

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    Well it looks like I might finish the event in both my kingdoms, though I was waaay behind in my second one. Had to chop my 50-energy crate and 25-energy crate. I was lucky in my first kingdom, because one of my unicorns gave me 100 energy and i got 100 energy from one of my other energy droppers. Five beams and blocks to go in my first kingdom, eight blocks and beams in kingdom #2. My deadline is monday evening because of work and it looks like I'll make it.

    Drop rates for coal and living wood have been terrible, but I had enough of both. Ran out wool in my second kingdom...

    I decide to leave my second Harvey undressed, because I like him better that way. I like the sweater when it's in inventory, but not on Harvey.
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    So, the main account I spent the most real $ on in the past got all 5 gold nuggets. The account I spent least has gotten the least. There are still days left so we will see...buying Rock Outcroppings vs. chopping ones I already had on board didn’t seem to make much difference; the sample was tiny so I can’t say for sure. It seems the gold nuggets I DID get were from mines. I tried a few Adventures & a few Jeweler’s Trades but nada nuggets. So I will be religiously collecting from the 1 deep & 2 regular mines each account has.....

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