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Thread: Can't open game

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    Can't open game

    Timer goes for ages then tells me to check internet connection.

    I have Internet connection working fine for everything else except restaurant story 2 which I also play.

    I'm on iOS 9.3.4 which should be supported and was working fine just a few hours ago. No updates available.

    I don't see any maintenance planned, have turned phone on and off and closed game etc.

    Reluctant to uninstall/reinstall as had problems with this in the past and I can't remember my log in info (how do I check that?)

    Hopefully resolved soon.

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    Worked yesterday now happening again

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    You could reach out to Support
    S8 Support: Click here to contact S8 Support

    Bugs post with info on crashing and logging in issues:

    You need your ID and password which is the same as logging into the forum. Passwords are set in the FAQ section in your game.
    If you play on android or IOS you can transfer your storm ID and games over to your new device. Please see the step by step instructions here in this post - Transfer your game / Logon Feature.

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    Thanks I've sent a message.

    It's not a new device but will be same phone but updating ios (which I haven't done since I bought the phone because the update that came out first after I bought it was in the news for being a nightmare!)

    I'm very nervous about losing the games/what I've achieved on them. Silly I guess but I suffer from anxiety disorders and it really helps to calm me to play my games.

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    wordsfan, just so you know, this happens to me daily, so you are not alone!

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