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Thread: Orator Dragon January 8 2018 ( For Dragon Stories Leaderboard)

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    If you cursed the difficulties in breeding the other ultra-rear-common dragons, you're really going to go to town with your curses on this one.

    Anyway popped in a breeding boosts and an incubation boosts and after some really nightmarish failures, finally got the rascal



    And yes, for those wondering if S8 got the combination of Black and Yellow right and if you're wondering if the breeding is switched on, yes it is.

    You may have to be patient with this one cause there are a total of 28 possible failures with pure black and yellow, 32 failures with hybrids, and most of them are long

    Possible breeding outcomes

    Dragon Rarity Breeding Time
    March Mayhem Rare 4 hours
    Orator Common 4 hours
    Volt Common 5 hours
    Cosmos Rare 6 hours
    Emberglow Rare 6 hours
    Clown Super Rare 7 hours
    Seer Rare 7 hours
    Genie Common 8 hours
    Godmother Super Rare 8 hours
    Bat Rare 9 hours
    Celestial Super Rare 9 hours
    Music Rare 10 hours
    Coral Common 10 hours
    Neo Bubble Common 12 hours
    Dark Phoenix Super Rare 12 hours
    Iridescent Rare 12 hours
    Mistmoth Super Rare 12 hours
    Mist Common 14 hours
    Seafarer Rare 14 hours
    Tricorn Super Rare 14 hours
    Ambassador Rare 16 hours
    Summer Elf Super Rare 16 hours
    Fortune Teller Super Rare 16 hours
    Prime Energy Rare 18 hours
    Trickster Super Rare 18 hours
    Leo Rare 21 hours
    Social Super Rare 21 hours
    Wizard Rare 22 hours
    Penumbra Rare 25 hours
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    Got it first try, Black Diamond x Gold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeidusBluetip View Post
    First attempt: Lotus + Neo Air = 21hrs. AWESOME...
    I used the same combo and got the same result. I hate breeding with black dragons.

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    After 16+ fails for Peppermint Mocha I’m not optimistic
    EIGHT fails already ...
    1. Air/Night - Bat (Rare) 9 hours
    2. Lotus/Neo Air - Mistmoth (Rare) 12 hours
    3. Summer Elf/Oriole - Penumbra (Rare) 25 hours
    4. Diamond Horn/Gold - Volt (Common) 5 hours
    5. Diamond Horn/Gold - Social (Super Rare) 21 hours
    6. Wizard (Rare) 22hours
    7. Godmother (Rare) 8 hours
    8. Social (Super Rare) 21 hours

    Once again the so called Common is harder to breed than Rares. Of 8 attempts only ONE common. Wouldn’t it be good if that ratio was the norm!
    That’s it for me
    Good Luck to those still trying
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    Quote Originally Posted by skyharbor602 View Post
    I used the same combo and got the same result. I hate breeding with black dragons.
    Yeah and after the last two Tales events where breeding over TWENTY times still resulted in no stupid "Common" dragon, I'm never holding my breath anymore. Pretty much relying on the crafting at this point. Royally sucks though that people might get it on the first try while others will only *start* being able to quest for the points after like, 3+ days of completing requirements to craft it :/

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    Night & Air = 21 hours

    Raven & Neo Air = 10 hours
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    Amazingly got it 1st try with Night Elf and Neo Air!

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    Also got it several times with Night Elf and Neo Air

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuicakes View Post
    Got it first try, Black Diamond x Gold.
    Also got it with the combo (2nd try)
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    First try with Night and Air got Summer Elf which I didn’t have. Second try with Raven and Neo Air I got Orator. Win win for me.

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