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Thread: Darkstone Dragon - Jan 1 2019 (needed for the Telling Tales World Event)

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    Darkstone Dragon - Jan 1 2019 (needed for the Telling Tales World Event)

    Rarity: Common
    Type: Fairytale, Stone & Purple
    Habitat: Fairytale Forest, Stone Quarry, Purple Gardens
    Available at: Level 15
    Buying Price: 400
    Selling Price: 100
    Breeding Combination: Black and Purple
    Breeding & Incubation: 4 hours
    Exp Gained: 780

    Got it breeding a Night Dragon with a Magic Dragon



    Good luck to all trying for this latest ultra-rare-common.

    Don't celebrate when you see the first 4-hour breeding pair because it might just only be a Werewolf Dragon.

    Possible breeding outcomes

    Dragon Rarity Breeding Time
    Werewolf Common 4 hours
    Darkstone Common 4 hours
    Godmother Super Rare 8 hours
    Celestial Super Rare 9 hours
    Coral Common 10 hours
    Neo Bubble Common 10 hours
    Dark Phoenix Super Rare 12 hours
    Iridescent Rare 12 hours
    Mistmoth Super Rare 12 hours
    Night Elf Super Rare 14 hours
    Seafarer Rare 14 hours
    Illusion Rare 14 hours
    Wizard Rare 22 hours
    Penumbra Rare 25 hours
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Darkstone_Epic.png 
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ID:	49319

    Rarity: Common
    Type: Fairytale Stone Purple
    Habitat: Fairytale Forest, Stone Quarry, Purple Gardens
    Available at: Level 15
    Buying Price: 400 Gold {On Sale for 200 Gold}
    Selling Price: 100 Coin
    Breeding & Incubation: 4 hours
    Exp Gained: 780
    Island Name: Amer Island

    Approximately 1150 Unique Dragons Hatched
    Over 275 Unique Dragon Eggs in Storage

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    Neo Bubble 10 hours. Magic and Knight
    Night Elf Magic and Knight
    Coral or Neo Bubble Magic and Knight
    Activated Breeding Roost
    Darkstone 4 hours. Raven and Peacock (Maybe Werewolf) I will be so miffed if it is Seriously miffed

    This could have to be the quickest I have got the common dragon in nearly 10 events! That was a joke -not We need duplicates from these previous events removed as we seriously need to be able to breed a common dragon!

    2nd Try Neo Bubble Raven and Peacock
    3rd Try 12 hour Peacock and Raven

    Is there a definition to common that I don’t know about?
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    Night and Magic first try: Werewolf Dragon
    Night and Magic second try: Darkstone Dragon

    Glad I got it so fast

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    I got it on the first try with Raven and Peacock, so surprised to get it so quickly and not having to deal with ridiculous amount of fails....

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    Congrats to those who have gotten it so den n roost 10 hrs n 25 here we go round the mulberry Bush

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    I have actually managed to breed an ultra rare common dragon on my second attempt - mind you my first try gave me the 25 hour Penumbra.
    After being unable to complete so many Tales and Events because common dragons no longer seem to be common I may actually finish this one.
    Good Luck All and Happy New Year from Tasmania

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    Thanks for providing all the info! I love that you included the possible breeding outcomes in the first post. So handy!

    Now if I can just get lucky (after this Wizard fail, that is...)

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    These complex common dragons are really polluting this game and dragging it down. Why S8 wants to keep diluting and making the game less fun is beyond me. A 3 part common, really????

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    Got it first try with Anubis and Black Diamond.

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