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Thread: Noble Prince Tournament 01-08-2019

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    I lost again. I try not to use gold. Who can afford it? Its way to hard to win especially with Champions and things like Gold, Fruit, Charts, the dragons that people can't have unless we buy them. Mostly are WAY TO EXPENSIVE.

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    Thanks for your help, chuckyt888 and Mostreal. I appreciate that.

    I never ended up beating Centurion unfortunately. Tried numerous times with Diamond 15 and my other best dragons but still couldn't win.

    I feel like these events are impossible to win without using gold or logging in every hour, which most people can't do since they have other activities. I have lost the last four events now.

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    I virtually never win a tournament, and right now I have a long line of dragons waiting to go to the healing spa. 😕

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