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Thread: GOAL: Let's Cook - 2019 Jan 3 (15 Days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyday5 View Post
    I'm stuck on Goal 4, You Butter Believe it. I've completed 15 Taco Flights, and gotten the green check mark, but I've bought 3 floor decorations!!! and none of them have gotten me a check mark. What do I do?
    (At risk of stating the obvious), you need to pay coins for a floor decoration, not just take it out of your inventory and plop it on the ground. Also try force-restarting the game by closing the app and reopening it. Then it should recognise when you buy a floor decoration. If this still doesn?t work, you?ll need to send a bug report to Storm8. For reference I used the French Lantern but at $45000 it ain?t cheap.

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    Thanks Tommy! Got it fixed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgoetzinger99 View Post
    Yes, everyone needs a hockey arena in the middle of their restaurant.
    Well, "need" might be too strong of a word, but it works pretty well with my design. Not everyone's restaurant is a "restaurant," so to speak. The actual working, dining, money-making section of my RS tableau is quite small, compared to the overall scene. I enjoy having a lot of unusual floor decorations to design around.
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    This week's iOS Value Pack Offer:

    The Steampunk Fountain is a 4x4 Floor Deco that was originally released as an LTO in 2012, valued at 52 gems.

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    I guess that why we buy a Sushi Counter since it is so much more efficient making Sashimi

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