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Thread: Castle Story 1/3 - Monster Hunt season 16

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterBlu View Post
    The only thing about this event that has disappointed me is the drops from the Armoured Black Bear. So far it has only dropped red dragon scales which as far as I know are useles to a long term player. How about making the drops any of the items required in the Royal Exchange for making the trade tickets.
    Would be awesome if we could get dragon scale trade - for coins or energy. They have always sneaked in dragons scales as some " high quality" drop- but we have NO use for them as it is.

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    I got the black bear and one dark unicorn. Very disappointed that they haven’t changed back to the event animal giving tokens. I probably would have tried for more dark unicorns but I kept getting beasts that didn’t drop tokens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destiel0918 View Post
    Umm, Glimmer Golems and Purple Direboars DO spawn always during those events - multiple times. In far with 100% drop rate.
    Yes, well, I've been out of the loop for a bit and it used to be once a day. I never would have tried to spawn more than one golem if I hadn't had a "Tend horses" task for a different questline.
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    Good to know...

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    Hi everyone, I?m new to these forums. What I would like to know is what do you do with unused shell tokens? And the siren statue? Will there be other events were you can use them? Any ideas? Thanks xx

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    Sorry to say, they are now totally useless since the next monster hunt will use different tokens.
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