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Thread: Castle Story - January / February 2019

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    Castle Story - January / February 2019

    Looking for active neighbors? Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.

    Please note that it is polite to leave a message on a player's in-game wall to say you've sent an invite.

    Note: You can delete your own posts in this forum only.

    Make sure you check the Hub for links to game guides, helpful information, Castle 101 help for brand new players and many many more helpful tips and tricks.

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    (I am not accepting new neighbour requests at this time... sorry.)

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    Looking for new neighbors to help with events. I?m active and I gift and accept event help only thank you 😊 iD Kiryuuku

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    Active neighbours needed ��. Please add troja_7999

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    I could use a few more active players for events! ID k0942
    Daily player since 2012, but I don?t visit/gift neighbours often anymore. If there is something you need though, message me on my wall!

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    ID arkinese — Level 50. I usually check the game 1-2x/day and respond to any requests then. I don’t gift or visit unless an event requires it.

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    Please add me. Negncic

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    Hey, I am looking for new neighbors. I play several times every day, but ususlly don‘t visit. Please add claupu. Thanks.
    ⚔️#️⃣3️⃣4️⃣⚔️ ⚪️❎💎❎{🏥}=============>

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    Looking for new neighbours, play many times a day. Will respond to requests but don't usually visit. If you have specific requests, message me on my wall!
    also playing bakery, restaurant and home design

    add me: sakuranomisan

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